AUXILIARY stereo headset: The world is in your ear!

2021-04-14 17:06:29 43

1MORE Magic Headset held its first press conference in 2017 at the Beijing Laifu Music Live "Master Dialogue China Voice." Continuation of the "Master Dialogue" plot, led by Grammy recording master Luca Bignardi and Dr. Yangchangjiang of Taiwan Jiaotong University's mechanical engineering, invited well-known domestic enthusiasts and media reporters to participate in the dialogue salon. The three major live broadcast platforms: Xiaomi, Jingdong, and Tmall simultaneously opened live broadcasts. 1MORE 2017 flagship 1MORE four-unit earphone is also officially unveiled at the meeting and will be sold online on May 17. At the meeting, 1MORE also disclosed for the first time the "Tiinlab A2" chip that was independently planned and developed. In the future, 1MORE will also open a "core" era.

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